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Grwp Llandrillo Menai



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Job Requirements/Description

Job purpose

We are seeking to appoint a lecturer in Health and Social Care who will be teaching across levels 1 (Introduction to Health and Care), through to Level 3 (A-level equivalent/A-level H&SC) and Level 5 (HE level) Health and Social Care. Applications are particularly welcomed from individuals who have recent experience working in nursing / health care / social work / social care or any other closely related discipline which would require you to have a sound understanding of current legislation and policy in the Healthcare sector. Alternatively, you may have a strong understanding of the theoretical basis of sociology/psychology which underpins the legislation, policy and practices.

The role will allow you to develop as a lecturer in Health and Social Care, with the guidance and support of a team of Programme Leaders, Coordinators and Mentor who lead provision within the department. Your duties would include the preparation and delivery of engaging lectures for our developing learners; along with administration, assessment and quality assurance practices associated with these duties. We encourage the use of practical and active teaching and learning methodologies, to bring the learning to life. You will be able to apply knowledge and examples from your experiences to the teaching and learning delivered. This will ensure learners are gaining an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the duties, challenges, joys and rewards of following a career in Health and Social Care.

Our ideal candidate would have previous teaching and industry experience, in the Health, Social or Care sector. However, we also welcome sector experts who are looking to take their first steps into teaching. We would also consider candidates who may wish to consider job share so they can retain their current role in practice.

Main duties and responsibilities

A:Assessing Learners Needs

A1. Assess learners previous learning experiences and achievements in relation to the identified learning programme

A2.Undertake initial assessments and identify any special learning or support


A3.Ensure learners are registered with the college and with awarding bodies

B:Planning and Preparing Teaching and Learning Programmes

B1.Identify learning outcomes and prepare Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans for relevant programmes in line with awarding body requirements and Grwp guidelines

B2.Ensure that literacy and numeracy / essential skills are integrated into the learning programme as required

B3.Plan for the linguistic needs of the student group in order to allow students to use their language of choice (Welsh or English) wherever possible

B4.Select a range of learning methods to meet student needs

C:Managing the Learning Process

C1.Establish and maintain a safe and effective learning environment

C2.Develop and use a range of teaching and learning techniques to encourage individual learning and facilitate learning through experience

C3.Produce and use appropriate learning materials using information learning technology where possible

C4.Identify and address poor motivation and challenge inappropriate behaviour

C5.Set challenging tasks and agree individual goals and targets with learners as appropriate

C6.Structure sessions appropriately to provide pace and maintain interest

C7.Maintain and encourage effective communication with and between all learners, using appropriate technology where relevant

C8. Maintain effective working relationships within programme teams

C9. Comply with college management information systems and ensure that colleagues are given all necessary information at the correct time in the agreed organisational format

C10. Contribute to all relevant college quality assurance systems; internal and external control procedures;

C11. Participate in self-assessment processes including the evaluation of modules and courses

D:Providing learners with support

D1.Ensure that learners are aware of and have access to appropriate support and guidance services

D2.Maintain tutorial systems in line with college guidelines

E:Assessing the outcomes of learning and learners achievements

E1.Plan appropriate assessment strategies for learning programmes in line with awarding body requirements and communicate these to students

E2.Use a range of appropriate assessment methods to conduct fair and reliable assessments

E3.Ensure that learners are provided with clear and constructive written and oral feedback within an appropriate timescale

E4.Maintain assessment records and provide information to relevant stakeholders e.g. colleagues, parents, employers, awarding bodies

F: Reflecting upon and evaluating ones own performance and planning future


F1.Evaluate your own practice in relation to learners and programme needs

F2.Use feedback from quality assurance systems to improve your own practice

F3.Keep up to date with current development within your own specialist field

F4.Participate in the college Performance Review system in order to evaluate own performance and identify development needs

F5.Engage in relevant continuous professional development

G:Other Specific duties

G1.Undertake the role of Personal Tutor, Programme Leader, Internal Verifier and, if agreed with the programme manager, Lead Verifier or Curriculum Co-ordinator

G2.Invigilate examinations or assessments as appropriate

H:General Responsibilities

H1.Comply with the Grwps Safety, Health & Environment Policy in order to

maintain a safe working and learning environment

H2.Undertake any other relevant duties appropriate to your role and position which may be required by the line manager, Executive Director or the Chief Executive.



Grwp Llandrillo Menai



Employment Hours 

Full Time

Employment Type 



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