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An award winning* family-owned business, whose passion for providing natural healthcare choices continues to drive us today. Nelsons is one of the UK’s leading and Europe’s longest established manufacturer of natural healthcare products, having built up an impressive portfolio including world-famous RESCUE® Remedy and Teetha®

Our products have inspired generations to live healthier, happier lives since 1860, when Nelson's Homeopathic Pharmacy first opened its doors in Mayfair, London and started dispensing homeopathic prescriptions, which they still do today.

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Nature, nurture and wisdomWe believe nature holds the key to our emotional and physical wellness, providing gentle yet effective remedies. At Nelsons, we harness these powerful ingredients and infuse them with centuries’ worth of expertise to offer traditional treatments for a modern world.We’re an award winning, family-owned business, whose passio...

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